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vocalist, drag performer...

As a young queen, Uropa’s mission was to personify the illustrations in their countless sketchbooks. When flowing locks weren’t in the budget, Uropa began exploring hair ideas much more unconventional. As a result, Uropa’s signature yarn wigs were born.

Utilizing original ventilating techniques, Uropa creates unique, handmade alternatives to traditional wigs that have inspired millions on social media. Beyond performing on stages across the country, Uropa reaces millions online through tutorials, commissions and interviews...

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In this week’s episode, I sit down with Jeff Follis. Jeff Follis (aka Uropa) is a Vancouver based drag performer, visual artist, and singer originally from Calgary. In our conversation today we dive into the world of drag and discuss it’s rise in popularity over the past several years, how he first began performing as a drag queen and his process of discovering Uropa...

Starwalker, Urban Ink, 2023 Photo credit - Dale Cooper
Kinky Boots, Arts Club
Kinky Boots, Arts Club
Waist Not Campaign, Canopy Planet
Werk YYC Events, the Palace theatre Photo credit - Meg Gialloreto
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