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vocalist, drag performer...

Jeffrey Follis, a Vancouver-based Canadian artist, brings an original approach to the creative realm. Within his time in the theatre scene, his contributions to productions at the Arts Club, the Cultch and Fire Hall Arts Centre have showcased an adaptable and collaborative spirit.

As an independent artist, Jeffrey's personal works lean into the limitations of technology and resources. He believes that honouring the constraints of environmental limitations and social boundaries makes his art a more honest representation of his personal voice. As a result, his works often contain recycled materials and novel inventions like his use of yarn to create lace-front wigs during his work in Drag under the moniker, Uropa. He works as a writter, vocalist, music producer and artistic director for the pop persona, Rainix where he tells queer stories through a modern, digital lense.

Beyond theatre and pop, Jeffrey has navigated Western Canada as a vocalist and sound designer for the acapella band Hoja. As a visual drag-artist, he reached millions through social media platforms with his work making wigs. He trained diligently as a singer, actor and dancer a Sheridan's prestigious musical theatre program and loves good food and table top RPG's.

Jeffrey Follis is not just an artist but a collaborator. His experiences in theatre, touring as a musician, and academic studies all contribute to a well-rounded artist with a commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and community enrichment.

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